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If you take one of my boating cruises just ask me, (Capt. Skip) and I'll explain where the sand, water and salt came from. I'll be happy to help you identify dune plants, birds, shells and whatever else you find on the beach.

bareboat charters How is a shell made ? Learn what a bi-valve is. What is a univalve ? Why do many of the shells we collect have a little hole drilled in them? Who does that? We might see some zooplankton. What is that ? Phytoplanton? Want to learn about sea turtles? What's the deal with foam on the beach sometimes? Is there too much soap in our water? I answer most of these questions on my Nature Tour.
I talk about crabs, jellyfish, dolphin, squid, stingrays and more on the Nature Cruise. Just ask me about bull sharks and turtles too.

For reservations: Please call Capt Skip at 251 974-5055 or email sailorskip@yahoo.com

Contact me now. For your convenience, just fill out the form below with any questions you might have. Double check the correctness of your Email address so that I can answer any questions. I usually answer my email in the evening. Please allow 48 hours.

If you add your phone # to the comment form, I will make an effort to call you if your email address fails.

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Capt. Skip is a USCG Master Licensed Captain. For departure times: (251) 974-5055 Skip or Janet. Sailaway Charters is at 24231 Gulf Bay Rd. Go one mile north on Gulf Bay Rd. on right side. Gulf Bay Rd. runs north off Canal Rd, between Foley Beach Express and Hwy. 161 in Orange Beach